Mike Kirsch - Finess & Yoga

Mike is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise) and has been coaching athletes in NYC for many years. These days you can find him at F45 West Village coaching strength, resistance and cardio.

Mike received his Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification from Sonic Yoga in NYC and has been a devoted yogi for most of his adult life.


His classes blend traditional vinyasa style yoga with a modern approach to mobility and strength training interlaced throughout.  His professional dance and choreography background means you’ll always get new creative flows and sequences that will keep you present in the moment and living your best yogi life. 

Mike Kirsch Fitness Yoga
Mike Kirsch crossfit yoga fitness
Mike Kirsch Fitness Yoga
About Mike...

Mike has been a professional dancer, choreographer, fitness coach and yoga teacher in NYC for many years and has always had a love for movement and expression of the physical body.  He has a BFA in Musical Theatre with a Dance Concentration from Otterbein College.  He earned his personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and his 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification from Sonic Yoga in NYC.     

What excites Mike these days is a genuine pursuit of optimum health and wellness through physical practises, breathwork, meditation, nutrition, community and everything in between.